Our company offers a wide range of services and products described shortly below:

safety department


The department provides safety related products, ranging from individual protection, to collective protection and above all environmental protection. All the safety equipment is imported from large manufacturers in Europe (France, Italy) and the USA (represented by The Red Wing Shoe Company, globally know for its safety footwear).


P and I department


The department deals with pipes, flanges, elbows and nipples connections, gaskets of all types, stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, P.V.C, valves, non return valves, instrumentation fittings etc.


Maritime department


The department provides ship chandling for vessels, on-shore and off-shore, with Hardware equipment and Food Stuffs included.


Hydraulic department


A newly created department that deals with hydraulic fittings, hoses connections and the confection of wire sling ropes in black, stainless or galvanized steel.


Technical department


A team of qualified technicians providing services in the following fields: welding, plombering, electricity, carpentry, sandblasting, instrumentation and Full Project development.



1. Providing quality goods
SODISMI is engaged in providing top quality goods to its customers~ Quality goods Increase your company’s productivity in general and your personnel’s in particular. Because they last longer, quality goods allow you to reduce your costs with equipment replacement.


2. Supply directly at the warehouse.
Our supplying department is responsible for delivering the goods wherever our customers are located. In this way we want to ease the effort of our customers by delivering everything to their disposal in the most convenient way.

3. Bulk Buying.
SODISMI‘s large storage capacity allows you to place orders for a big number of goods with the assurance that they will be delivered on time.

4. Express Import.
SODISMI Express Import services enables the firm to deliver goods that cannot be found in Cameroon in a short time period.

5. Assuring the replacement of defective goods.
SODISMI takes full responsibility for the replacement of all the goods that present manufacturing defects.

6. Certificates and Legal Documentation.
Most of the goods sold by SODISMI are accompanied by certificates and legal documents assuring that the internationally required quality standards are met.